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RSS chief now says that every Hindustani should drink orange juice, but fails to incite Arnab

19, Aug 2014 By iamserious

Nation happens to be in widespread shock and disbelief after ‘of the nation, for the nation, by the nation Times now’ national representative anchor ARNAB was not at all agitated by latest remarks by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat. This has led even RSS Chief himself in shock.

It happened at a RSS NDA’s official summit, when Bhagwat upon asking what drink he will prefer, he said he will prefer Nagpur’s fresh Orange Juice. He even went on to say that every Hindustani should drink orange juices. Mr. Swamy who was also present on the occasion also pointed out that all other juices and cocktails are just converts from original orange juices.

“How could he do this to me yaar?” said a deeply hurt Bhagwat. I have said this in a public meeting, also sent him a sms saying that RSS established headquarter in Nagpur just to enjoy fresh orange juice , but alas! no response from him. Not even a single mention on the Times now, let alone a fiery debate with 8 panelists.”

“Man this Swamy tricked me into doing this. He led me into believing that anything I will say will result into a Masala Newshour debate. I tried this recently and it was working fine. I was so convinced that I bet Rs 1001 to Ashok Singhal for the same. Needless to say I lost. Actually it was too much to take Arnab as Sagarika. ‘Ati Aatmvishwasah Bhayawah’ (Sometimes overconfidence is dangerous)”.

“Haha..I knew I will win” claimed a cheerful looking Swamy. “I have appeared in numerous Times now debates before election when I was not the Finance minister of India and continue to do so even after elections also when I am not the Finance minister of India.” “I know that Arnab can look totally useless now, shouting and agitating at nothing, outshouting everybody for apparently no reason; but I knew he has still some sense left” said Swamy before quickly retracting last comment after hearing the next newshour debate will be about how Priyanka can revive congress. Though RSS chief was not that disappointed as moron journalist Sagarika was quick to tweet “If you drink Orange Juice, then you should drink green lemonade also. Gnite!”