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RR Martin was hired to script Vyapam cover-up killings

09, Jul 2015 By viveks

Bhopal: In recent revelation it came to light that Vyapam officials and other conspirators had jointly hired the world’s most renowned serial killer, George RR Martin for execution for scripting all the killings.

Mr. Martin having known to be of thousands to characters in his series songs of fire and ice, is said to be a master in the field of writing scripts for killing. It is speculated that Martin was on scamster’s payrolls during his so-called sabbatical from writing. Many experts on the subject are not surprised by this recent revelation because they always believed that there was a foreign hand in such meticulous kills. Impressed by the brilliant execution of Martin’s script in Madhya Pradesh, HBO has decided to a make a series on it.

On listening this news, MP government has said that it would be a big boost for the state as now it would be internationally recognized.