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Room No. 5 and the disdain of a Leftist Activist

16, Aug 2014 By khakshar

A row erupted between Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) over office  space in Parliament House with each side staking claim to a room. The bone of contention was  Room No.5 on the first floor, which has been occupied by the Andhra Pradesh party for many years but was allotted to the Mamata Banerjee-led outfit this August 6.


Equipped with the letter of allotment issued by a Director in the Lok Sabha Secretariat,  TMC MPs visited the room and put their nameplates outside after removing the nameplates of TDP MPs. TDP MPs replied in kind after some time. The Lok Sabha Secretariat Director who allotted the rooms was as usual missing from his office. One of the staffers said that it was a ploy by the Director. Two days have passed and Parliament had seen no adjournments meant that the Staff of both the houses were overworked. This was the best that could be done to restart adjournments and much needed rest. Playing with Food quality in Parliament would have worked better but had attained a High Risk Index(HRI). One staffer said that it was designed to discourage MPs of better behavior. It was an antidote  to the the inspirational speech which the MPs will hear at the ceremony felicitating three of their breed in evening.

Another staffer told that a famous actress was attending Rajya Sabha and another planned  to attend Lok Sabha in a day or two. With such show of Glam, this attention grab drama was bound to happen. “You could have seen the proceedings in RS , many of those who were critical of absent ism till yesterday were all smiles today,” he added.

The “Kabza” incidence happened when a famous lady activist and editor of a magazine worshiping  Lenin and Marx was present near Room No.5. “They destroyed Bengal by getting rid of the Left and these TDP wallas don’t know how to respect women,” she thundered.

Perpetually harassed by the self acclaimed Feminists both at home and office, the correspondent meekly asked the lady the purpose of  her visit to the Parliament. ” We have come to demand the Highest Civilian Award to Lenin as many of our freedom fighters wrote letters to him. He was the inspiration behind our freedom,” she cried in her Cuckoo’s voice. The TMC MP  who looks as always half a sleep thundered “yeh bam panthi rajneeti Dilli re bhi Chalbo Na, Chalbo Na.

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