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Robert Vadra won the Haryana Plot on "KBC - 10,Janpath"

15, Oct 2012 By Yours Truly

It has been reliably learnt that Robert Vadra won the Haryana plot while playing “Kaun Banega Crorepati at 10 Janpath”. Yes you read it right, popular game show KBC is being conducted by Sonia Gandhi at her residence. Our sources revealed that Sonia Gandhi loves the game show so much that she host the game at her residence and invites relatives and party leaders at her residence for a chance to become Crorepati.

Just like the televised version, candidates have to first pass the Fastest Fingers First test. The winner of this round gets to sit on the “Hot” seat and depending upon his skills he can win in crores. However, unlike the TV show, Mrs. Gandhi does not stop at 5crs. Infact the candidates can play even further at their own will. Mr. Vadra won 300crs and decided to quit after that. However, people like A. Raja have won 1 Lakh crores and still wanted to continue playing till Mr. Pranab Mukherjee intervened and stopped the game in the “interest of the country”.

We have also got reports that Mr. Salman Khurshid had to leave the game after winning 71 lakhs as he and his wife had to attend a distribution camp in UP. Mr. Khurshid reportedly told Mrs. Gandhi that he is in no hurry to earn in crores and was okay with earning in lakhs. Other winners on “KBC – 10J” have been Suresh Kalmadi, Ajit Pawar among others.

Mr. Vadra has denied the report and and said that the plot of land and the money that he has earned out of it have all been through hard work and sweat and toil. The entire UPA 2 government have come out in strong support of Mr. Vadra. Mr. P Chidambaram have gone on record to say that Mr. Vadra has never played snakes and ladder, how can he play a tough game like KBC.