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Robert Vadra to be the next President of India

12, Aug 2013 By gaurav9rock3

Visibly embarrassed by the allegation of  fraud by Ashok Khemka, the party(family) has decided to appoint Robert Vadra as the next president of India.

” Robert is deeply anguished by the allegation, a person of his stature cannot be treated like a road side thug, he would have been happy if the amount alleged was in tunes of 100-1000 crores but the alleged amount is 4-5 crore only. This is a clear cut attempt to malign his name” – Said The Foreign minister of India.

“Khemka is a RSS agent and we as a party (family) will do every thing to save the country(family) by such people with vested interests. Making Robert the President is the best step forward for the country(family). Once he is the president no one will be able to malign his name or initiate  action against him as the president has immunity against every thing.” – said Digvijay singh.

“Any ways he has his name on all the airports, so it will save the Ta-Payers money of printing a new presidents name” – said the Finance minister.

In the mean while J&K Chief minister has tweeted “why pick rasool when you cannot make him the president” In reply of which Robert Vadra tweeted “I don’t play cricket.”

In a Visual statement Robert Vadra has released his priorities as president.

Make 1800 foreign trips, all to Switzerland!

To take the misuse of Presidents post to a new Low.

Learn to ride a bike the way I take the country for a ride!

Practice to be silent, Next target PM!

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