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Robert Vadra to be renamed as Robert Gandhi

26, Apr 2014 By bhm0

In a press conference, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi told that his family is planning to rename their damaad after his wife’s family name, as Robert Gandhi. He explained how this move will shut the mouths of the BJP who keep insisting that Priyanka Gandhi should be called Priyanka Vadra. After renaming, Robert Gandhi will be called ‘the other RG’.

robert vadra
Now a Gandhi.

On being asked what is the significance of this renaming to the nation, Mr Gandhi said, “this will be the first and the most significant step in empowering the women of the country. Traditionally, in India, the wife has to take up the husband’s surname. This is pure patriarchism. We are set out to empower women by breaking this trend”. Further, Mr Gandhi added, his mother told him that ‘charity begins at home’, so in order to empower the women of the nation, he needs to empower the women at home- mother Sonia and sister Priyanka.

Responding to this news, senoior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said “this makes no sense at all; by this token, Rajiv Gandhi should have been called Rajiv Maino. Moreover, his father Feroze should have been called Feroze Priyadarshini. I will soon file a PIL against this move.”

An angry Arvind kejriwal said Mr Vadra doesnt qualify to be a gandhi, since he hasnt done a single dharna. He added “In fact None of the present day gandhi’s qualify. To be Gandhi, one should be a common man, and honest, like me. Moreover, Mahatma gandhi is famous for his struggle and protests against the britsh. So, to become a gandhi, it takes a lot of dharna’s and protests. I am the true gandhi, rest of them are fake gandhis.”