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Robert Vadra gets into the “To be frisked thoroughly” list

03, Jun 2014 By Anoop Chathoth

Upset Vadra.

One of the first causalities of the new NDA government has been Mr. Robert Vadra who has been removed from the list of people not be frisked at airports.

Since the last decade Mr. Vadra has been enjoying this privilege as he was married to Priyanka Gandhi. All the people who are a part of this list hold positions which are either constitutional or because they are a part of the Central/State government.

Interestingly the only two names that feature in this list are His Holiness The Dalai Lama and the not so holy Robert Vadra.

The Home Ministry and the ministry of Civil Aviation has came to this conclusion after due deliberation. In fact they were of the view that more than Mr. Vadra having any threat perception it was the citizens of India who had a higher threat from Vadra due to his shady nature.

As a face saving ploy Priyanka Gandhi had done a last minute damage control by sending a request to the SPG director seeking this privilege be withdrawn. She had stated that,“It has been a source of constant embarrassment for my husband who has asked me on numerous occasions to have it removed.” However it is interesting to note that neither Priyanka nor Vadra thought this way until a fortnight back. In fact it’s been Mr. Vadra who has been a constant embarrassment for Priyanka since they got married.

As if to add salt to the injury the Home ministry has now decided to add Mr. Vadra’s name in a new list which contains names of persons who need to be thoroughly frisked at airports.

As of now the list figures only Mr. Vadra and new names would be added as and when needed. This would be displayed prominently next to the VIP list at all airports across the country. Apart from frisking Mr. Vadra would also be made to go through the metal detector twice and his luggage also scanned twice.The home ministry is also mulling the idea of frisking Vadra at railway stations, bus terminals and even auto stands in case he chose to travel by those modes.

Rahul Gandhi has already taken a photostat of this notification and torn it apart terming it as nonsense. Sonia Gandhi meanwhile has asked all secular forces to come together and oppose this move. From not being frisked for being a “VIP”, to now even his VIP underwear being frisked, life has come a full circle for Mr. Vadra.