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Robert Vadra donates his entire estate to a charity after Rahul Gandhi says, "ownership is just a state of mind"

06, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Gurgaon, Haryana: Robert Vadra, the popular private citizen and son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, has reportedly donated his entire property to a charity after brother-in-law Rahul Gandhi sermonized him on what possession actually meant.

“Back to farming, after realization.”

In a meeting that was held over drinks and pasta at 10 Janpath, Rahul said to Vadra, “Jeeju…I have researched a lot and finally come to a conclusion that ownership is nothing but a state of mind.” Vadra, who was taken aback with this quote, finished his large whiskey shot in one sip and asked Rahul, “Are you serious?”

Rahul continued his discourse as he refilled his Complan mug, “Ownership is indeed a state of mind because Chota Bheem doesn’t own anything but rather thinks everything around him is his own and solves people’s problems. Laddus are his only tangible assets. Even Mougli is the forest’s lone ranger and owns nothing but everything. Why can’t you be like him jeeju? The whole earth belongs to you. Don’t you realize that?”

Vadra is believed to have been so touched by Rahul’s sermon that he donated his entire real estate empire to a charity and got back to farming in private fields of Haryana. He even sold off his private bike to raise some money for his monthly gym fees.

As per sources, the charity to which Vadra made his donation is owned by a bureaucrat close to the Congress party and is likely to donate it back to Congress. Meanwhile, top business schools have decided to use this as an example for “vicious cycle in money laundering”.