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Robert Vadra announced as National son-in-law by Congress

26, Apr 2014 By fundude

Keeping aside the controversy over national language, Sonia Gandhi headed Congress has decided to announce Robert Vadra  as India’s national son-in-law. The idea had been brewing since long, but final decision waited for the opportune moment. Internal party sources have confirmed the news.

Robert Vadera
Son-in-law in action.

Since last couple of weeks, Narendra Modi had been ridiculing congress over mismanagement of everything in the country except its pious family. Many had come with such hilarious remarks as: “2G, 3G and then Jijjaji (Hindi for brother-in-law)” and “Commonwealth,  Coalgate and all is family wealth.”

My reporter friend in Delhi learned that Digvijay Singh was all in tears after such humiliating remark were thrown over Robert. He even challenged BJP to file FIR in this case against Robert, soon after he ensured safe burial of all the related files. Later it was learned that Robert was Diggi’s only hope to climb the echelon of power in congress through his well-known buttering mechanism.

Congress, it is rumored, came up with this family drama during election because it wants to take some mileage by such propositions to strengthen the already strong roots of family and culture in India. Having nothing good to flaunt Congress is resorting to such melodramatic whims and fancies of masses. Now the scenario is such that  even a kid can extrapolate Rahul Gandhi’s Speech and tell when he will talk about his father and grandma.

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