Friday, 23rd March, 2018

Revealed: Why Robert Vadra wrote "Mango People in Banana Republic"

10, Oct 2012 By NSK

A normal day at the Gandhi houshold. It’s famous Jamun, sorry Jamai comes back home after a hectic day of watching cricket.

Suddenly his mother in law, Smt Sonia Gandhi walks out of her chair (read throne),

“Robert….Banana Lao,” she commands, to the shock of many around. Her son and PM (read King) in waiting Rahul Baba had a sudden wish for having Bananas.

“Mom…Why does everyone say that I have gone Bananas?” he had asked earlier, a question to which the Rajmata had no answer.

“That….That…is because we live in a Banana Republic,” replied the great Sage Digvijay Singh. His answer though meaningless had cleared the doubts of the young (40 yr old!!) Prince. On hearing that Banana was cheap for the poor to afford, especially the SC/ ST and Backward Classes, he demanded that he be fed Bananas everyday.

Thus, bringing us to the current situation. Rabert (Robert) was told to get Bananas from the market.

The Bananas were reported to have been consumed by the Gandhi siblings much to the confusion of those around them.

Hence, Rabert ( Robert) Vadra’s highly controversial comment, “Mango People in Banana Replublic” !!!