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Revealed: Why did fire break out in the Parliament premises

22, Mar 2015 By brendan9

Reports of the fire that broke out in the Indian Parliament premises being under control are coming in at this moment. Phew! Thank God no politicians were hurt! It must be the good deeds that they’ve been doing for so many years that saved them.

The fire department says that the fire started during the routine maintenance check of the air conditioning unit. But an unconfirmed inside source claims otherwise.

The truth of what is happening inside is out

The source claims that the afternoon session of Parliament got so many tempers heated that it caused the air conditioning system to flame out and set fire to its main unit. Even the sprinkler system couldn’t manage to put out the flames because water going to its pipes had been diverted and sold off by a company allegedly owned by a man named by the source only as the ‘son-in-law’.

The source also informed of a conspiracy behind the fire, claiming that it was orchestrated by member of multiple political parties working in tandem to ensure that the Parliament came to the attention of the media because they ignored since no incident worthy of mention had taken place since the pepper spray-chair throwing-microphone hurling ruckus last year.

This is a serious accusation on the honorable Members of Parliament and the government has promised a CBI probe into the matter.

Military experts have claimed that this incident was a Lord Blackwood type terrorist plan by the ISI who tried to spread poison gas in parliament through the air conditioning system but since their nation is probably 10 – 20 years away from such advanced air conditioning technology, they just decided to set fire to the machinery and make good their escape.

Delhi police has begun the manhunt for these terrorists and are checking every kind of public transport that could be used for their escape. Since they haven’t been able to find any trace of these alleged terrorists, it is needless to say that they are being their old incompetent selves.

Looking at the situation, ‘Game of Thrones’ producer HBO has decided to change the tagline of the Stark family from ‘Winter is coming’ to ‘Summer is coming’ for the release of the television show in India.