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Revealed: The real reason behind the ruling party's flop show in 2014 elections

22, May 2014 By pradeepsarkkar

A recent survey conducted by India’s leading market research company Bars One, has revealed a shocking truth behind the ruling party’s flop show in the 2014 elections. The survey has revealed that the ruling government’s dismal performance in the elections has been a direct result of inflation in liquor prices over the last ten years. The survey was conducted in 28 states across the country, with 1000 respondents from each state aged between 20 to 60.

According to Baburao Ganpatrao Aaptey, President of All India Bevada Association, the manifold increase in prices of alcohol in the last few years is indeed the real reason why people expressed their anger by choosing  not to vote for the ruling government.

“I understand the fact that alcohol is not the solution to all our problems. But we should not forget the fact that it may help us to temporarily forget our problems. Abhi 10 saal pehle 100 rupye mey poora tanki bhar ke daru milta tha par ab sirf 60 ml milta hai. Santra aur narangi jaise desi daru ka bhi daam char guna badha diya. Upar se service tax lagake free ka chakna bhi band karwa diya bar mey,” said Baburao.

Incidently it was Mr.Baburao, who had led protest marchs in various places across the country in the month of April against the ever increasing prices of liquor. Placards such as Daru ke Daam Badane Walo aur Free ka Chakna Band Karane Walo, Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi were displayed prominently during the protest march.

Upon being asked whether this issue was really big enough to lead the downfall of a government, he replied emotionally  “Arre baba yeh daru ke wajah se mera baap gaya, ghar beek gaya, garage bhi girvi ho gaya, toh sarkar kya cheez hai”.