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Retirement policy to be implemented by Modi govt

30, May 2014 By jonivestal

There’s no doubt about the huge changes that Shri Narendra Modi has brought in his home state Gujarat in the last decade or so while he was the Chief Minister of that princely state. Gujarat has been truly industrialized and Gujarat Shining brightly ever since big names from the corporate world set up its shops throughout the state over the years.  From branded teashops to  power plan(t)s, you name it.

With Shri Modi now the country’s Prime Minister and a true leader at heart, he is all set to replicate Gujarat’s development country wise and is wisely following the steps of the corporate world to seriously implement the retirement age policy at the national level – in both the private sector and public sector (including the parliament) so that young blood can take over the reins of the country and lead the way forward.

Echoing his esteemed rival  Shri Jairam Ramesh’s thoughts that even ministers should have a retirement age, Shri Modi today said that with his party forming the new government, their first step in showcasing his government as being truly democratic is by having all his cabinet ministers to strictly follow this new retirement policy with immediate effect. This will surely place him on a higher standings in the eyes of everyone globally something which his predecessors have failed in doing so over the years.

As of now, most of the private sector bodies have its retirement age fixed at 60 while for the public sector enterprises, it stands at 62. Shri Modi who famously said that he would become the next PM and kept his words, has already lead the way for the other ministers to follow by retiring with immediate effect from the Vadodara constituency since his age today stands at 63. Next in line is role of the PM of the country…

While the junior (read: below 62 years of age!) ranked ministers in his cabinet including undergraduate Smriti Irani have welcomed the move with open arms, senior politicians like Minister of Minority Affairs Najma Heptullah whose age is 74 and Shri Kalraj Mishra, 73years, Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises have lashed out at the suggestion. Their argument is that since they handle minor/micro portfolios which kind of denotes small/young activities literally, they should be considered young at heart and allowed to continue to serve the nation as long as they like.

Speaking on this latest development, Rahul G was quick to point out that he welcomes Shri Modi’s new dikkat and added that this is what he had been promoting  countrywide since he started taking his slow baby steps into politics – No ministerial berth for old men!

The Election Commission has already set the ball rolling for the next Lok Sabha polls as with the new retirement policy coming into play with immediate effect, most ministers would have already retired on paper while a handful will be facing the prospects of retirement as their 62nd birthdays are looming just around the corner.

It seems Smriti Irani, 38yrs and the youngest in the cabinet, is having the last laugh. Last heard, she true to her HRD portfolio, has been educating the retirees / prospective retirees about their future retirement plans.  She certainly seems to have an alternate business going other than the ministerial portfolio that she holds now that her alternate source of income through acting has dried up.

So for now it’s ab ke baar… retirement yaar!