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Retired judge backs judiciary: Says all judges are innocent

12, May 2015 By RT

New Delhi. A retired judge, Mr. Klean-Ex today issued a strong statement backing judiciary. In an exclusive interview to Faking News, he confirmed that all judges are innocent.

“Back in my glory years, I know a judge who declared his mother to be innocent in a small family banter, when she allegedly had more sweets than what was rightfully her share. After years, he ran a high-profile case and awarded an acquittal, for a political leader with similar charges. Just that it wasn’t a sweet and it wasn’t a bite, but a few tens of crores. That’s all.

Judges are even more innocent than a kid!
“Judges are even more innocent than a kid!”: Mr. Klean-Ex, the retired judge, with innocent expression.

For reasons I am unable to comprehend, the entire nation now blames him and says, ‘He is a corrupt judge. Took money and acquitted Amma.’ But, only I know that he didn’t even take a slice of that extra sweet from his mother.

Another judge, who was playing with his brother in the streets of Mumbai, saw his brother, being human, running along with some pavement dwellers. He just pardoned him then, on his insober behaviour, and took him home. Later he was accused of letting a drunk bhai go, who ran over homeless people. Absolute injustice to the judge and the entire judiciary”, the judge fumed at Faking News.

“Yet another nice judge used to play with his brother Munna, games like hide & seek, snake & ladders, and police & thief. His brother always liked to go out and play with his toy gun. So, he, the judge, used to let his brother off from the restriction of four walls, to get out and enjoy.

Later when he allowed a similar man to get out for more freedom, more like weekend getaways, he was accused of letting Munna bhai enjoy more freedom. How ridiculous is this?”, Mr. Klean-Ex concluded to the Faking News correspondent, who dutifully listened and never uttered a word, for anything he says might be translated as contempt of court in India, by his friends who are still in business.