Monday, 23rd April, 2018

ReShuffle of Melodrama Packs on TV after Cabinet Reshuffle

08, Nov 2014 By khakshar

With Union Cabinet to undergo an expansion soon, “Learnt from the Sources” is making windmill from the Lutyens’.

Tutorials for Engineering students have introduced Permutations and Combinations problems based on which ministry goes with whom. A IIT aspirant told us with more than 250 probabilities possible, this single  problem could take care of the entire course.

With different types of news emanating from Mills, the most worried however is the Media. A famous Miller of Lutyens’ has set the cat among Pigeons. With his speculation that the Information Broadcasting Ministry is going to be handed over to Minister of HRD has sent many ducking for cover. A lady famous for “Vice is in the Air” quotes and her sleeveless attire has contacted Tailors for full coverage. Of course, the covering  be done on pretext of Winter Setting in.

The Sports Channels management and viewers are the most worried lot. Their worry seems genuine. With the new minister in charge, can melodrama be far away?  The Ekta Kapoor alike Saas-Bahu channels are having a smile. With Delhi Assembly Elections in the air and many  siutable Anchors, the News Channels seem to sigh a relief. However with Sports Tourneys getting boring and predictable, melodrama seems amiss from these channels. With Eight versions already telecast even the IPL seems to have lost it’s sheen of surprise.

Meanwhile an old News Paper Canteen in Chennai is getting renovated as it may turn out to a model of sorts. The outflow from special printed Sarees from Amethi has been reported alike the “OLX” sale of Akhilesh laptop.