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Reservation for Delhiites to be extended to DTC and Metro

23, Jan 2014 By Indigenous Idiot

In a move that is expected to bring a huge relief to the natives of Delhi, the newly appointed Transport Minister, Saurabh Bhardwaj has announced 90% reservation for Delhiites in DTC buses since DTC is ‘fully funded by the Government of Delhi’ . The minister further said that seats shall be reserved in the Delhi Metro for the natives of Delhi in accordance with the amount of funding DMRC receives from the Government of the NCT of Delhi.

Only for Delhiites!

“It is a step that will make commuting easier for the aam aadmi of Delhi, if our government funds these organisations, our voters no wait our residents, should be the first ones to get a seat in the buses and the metro.” Commuters are now expected to carry a photo ID at all times while travelling in either the metro or the DTC buses. “The ticket conductors shall confirm the commuter as a delhiite before (s)he can take a seat in the buses, we are still brainstorming as to how this system will work with regards to the metro”, said the young minister.

‘Aam aadmis’ all around Delhi have hailed the decision as a marvel of the ‘new brand of politics’ that AAP has initiated. Rekha Chhada, a resident of Punjabi Bagh said, “This is amazing, now I can get a seat even if I cannot find an empty ‘ladies only’ seat in the DTC buses, as a daily commuter, this news brings great joy to me, I thank our beloved and honest Chief Minister for this ‘aam aadmi friendly’ move which has nothing to do with the politics of vote bank.”

Not everyone, however, subscribes to this point of view. Ankit Chaubey, a student of History at the University of Delhi claimed the move was ‘highly unfair’ only to be shouted down as anti-aam aadmi by at least five young men in caps and mufflers.

Comments have started coming in from the political establishment as well. Talking exclusively to our reporter, the congress spokesperson Digvijay Singh called the move ‘blatantly ignorant of the democratic set up’ and ‘conspiracy of the RSS.’ On being asked how, if in any manner RSS could have been associated with the move, Mr. Singh said, “Majority of Delhi population is Hindu, coincidence?”

On the other hand Tarun Vijay of the BJP has claimed this move to be a proof of ‘Congress-AAP nexus’ to stop Narendra Modi’s ride to the capital. Although after half an hour he said the move did not go far enough and the BJP, if voted to power, shall increase the quota to 90% for delhiites in the metro too. Ms. Mayawati however agreed with Mr. Vijay that the move did not go far enough, “Who will ensure that the dalits get a fair share of seats?” asked a furious Mayawati.