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Reservation for bachelors above thirty

24, Jun 2014 By Aftab Rai

Our HRD minister Tulsi Smriti Irani announced that ministry has drafted a resolution to reserve 10% seats for singles older than 30 years.

“I had been both Saas and Bahu for many years, thus I know that being a single is an appreciable contribution towards society and woman empowerment,” she said while watching Balika Vadhu, “Indian government has provided reservations on various grounds. If Indians can bear 50% reservation then 60% won’t be a big deal.”

Rajnath Singh also commented that both non-silent prime ministers of India during 21st century are single.

Our reporter Cheepak Dorasiya caught up with bunch of students in MNIT Jaipur. Most of them agree to the decision. A student named TJ expressed his opinion, “Albeit Sallu Bhaijaan and even Yuvraj Singh are also single,but they are performing very well in their respective field, So it will be a good move.”

One scholar also added the names of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Ratan Tata to build the statement stronger.

Meanwhile,  Congress is opposing this type of reservation. “We have already implemented this kind of shit in our internal party system, but the result was Rahul Gandhi!! It indicates the extreme limit to show how disastrous mess this decision could turn out to be!!” lashed out a senior congress leader, on the condition of anonymity. Contradictory it is quite interesting that even elephants seem to be supporting the decision. Those elephants’ trumpets are sounding like ‘Behenji Behenji‘.

Our reporters are trying to contact Ramdev Baba for comment on the verdict, but he is currently unreachable.