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Researchers find woman who still finds Rahul Gandhi cute

27, May 2014 By akshaybk

A team of field researchers in central Haryana have located a woman who still finds Rahul Gandhi cute. Celebrating the embarrassment the team of three underpaid science graduates decided to name the biological find under a subset of the Homo Sapien classification. A requests for the same has been unfortunately raised by them to the same to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

सपनों के सौदागर
Good looks and cuteness are most important criterion to become PM.

Shedding light on the discovery, the lead researcher (self-appointed) stated that they found her in a cafe in an up market location in a Haryana city. The subject was sipping caffeine and discussing politics with a bunch of AAP activists who insisted that their Prime Ministerial candidate had better skin and baritone.

The research activists who were at the Cafe to collect expired sugar satchels for an expedition into Haryana could not believe their ears on overhearing the conversation.

Meanwhile, all attempts to locate the subject has been inconsequential since the discovery is a prized catch. The Congress spokesperson who was reached out to for a reaction declined comment due to the shock that he was still suffering from the recent mauling in the parliamentary elections.

He however stated (via sign language) that this was one woman who had been empowered by Rahul Gandhi’s vision and spate of ’empowerment’ statements.