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Researcher says, Maidgate was an experiment to assess GOI sensitivity before election

20, Dec 2013 By SiNg0d

Mr. Yetohchu, a New York based researcher has finally stepped out and said that the currently ongoing Maidgate involving an Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, was in fact a part of a series of experiments he has been conducting.

Figure 1 Mr. Yetohchu's graph (on a scale of 10).
Figure 1 Mr. Yetohchu’s graph (on a scale of 10).

In an interview published in the widely unread magazine, ‘The Politics Review’, Mr. Yetohchu has admitted that the entire episode was a ploy to assess the sensitivity of the Indian government before election.

“I have been working on my maiden paper, ‘The Correlation between Growth of Spine and Time till next Elections’ for quite some time now. It has always been my firm belief that there is a very strong co-relation between a government growing a spine and the time left for a new election,” Mr. Yetohchu told the magazine at his house yesterday.

Mr. Yetohchu’s hypothesis seems to have some merit considering India’s ferocious response in the light of the alleged mistreatment of its alleged diplomat allegedly at the alleged hands of alleged US Marshals allegedly acting on the alleged orders of the US Prosecutor’s office.

“When we compare the response of the Indian government over the allegations of US surveillance of its embassies, we can clearly see that due to the fact that the election was at least eight months away, the government meekly retorted,” Mr. Yetochu explained sipping his allegedly cold beer, “If you look at this graph here, you can clearly see that as soon as the time until election cross the six monthly mark, the sensitivity of the Government shoots up drastically.”

Mr. Yetohchu also said that there were quite a few other factors that seemed to have influenced the rate of growth of a spine in the Government. “One cannot simply attribute the huge increase on a single factor. There seems to be two-three different factors at play here too. But then I will be concentrating on the relationship of the time factor.”

Commenting on his final experiment he said, “I plan to stop Mr. Shahrukh Khan  and have him strip-searched on the eve of the elections in order to get the final confirmation of my hypothesis.”