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Reluctant Modi inaugrates Kochi Metro

18, Jun 2017 By anujwankhede

June 17, 2017: An intensely camera shy, reticent and publicity shy Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugrated the Kochi Metro railway in God’s own country Kerala.

Having been on foreign trips all across Asia and Europe for the past several weeks because of a pause in elections in India, Modi had been reluctant to grace the occasion. However, the legendary love by Keralites for him as well as towards the BJP/RSS compelled him to be the guest of honor.

He has shown similar graciousness while inaugrating bridges, tunnels and roads in places where he is adored like in Kashmir Tamil Nadu and in North East India.

The Kochi Metro project was conceptualized by Modi when he was the Cheif Minister of Gujarat during a Vibrant Gujarat Summit in the early 2000’s. However the project could not be started due to the Congress party being in power in New Delhi. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation too had created obstacles citing that Kerala was too far to have a metro line.

Modi made it his personal mission to ensure that the project was completed and for this reason he agreed to be the Prime Minister.

His graciousness and humble behavior was once again in full display when he insisted that an unknown person should share the dias with him at the event. Inquiries revealed that the mans name was Sreedharan. This immediately won the hearts of millions of Malyalis who pledged not to forget this respect.

It is a rarity in today’s world to see such humility in politics which has in recent times become a cesspool of one-upmanship.