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The reason Rahul met Chinese envoy

12, Jul 2017 By shivaku

The Congress party after dilly dallying in accepting the Rahul’s meeting with Chinese envoy, now informed the reason behind his visit. On watching videos and photos of Indian and Chinese Army stand off in Sikkim, there were no women soldiers involved. Rahulji visited Chinese envoy to inform them to deploy women soldiers also as it will be Women empowerment.

"Oh no! My secret of the meeting is revealed. Mr. Modi will copy me surely!", worries Rahul Gandhi
“Oh no! My secret of the meeting is revealed. Mr. Modi will copy me surely!”, worries Rahul Gandhi

When media posed a question that he could have asked Indian authorities to do so, Rahulji replied, “The present Government is insensitive to Women empowerment and even confessed that he is the only Indian Politician who has concern about Women Empowerment. Once Chinese deploy Women soldiers, India also will have to deploy Women Soldiers, This is the sure way of achieving Women empowerment”.

Kapil Sibal replied, to a report of Republic TV, indicating that “Congress is indirectly inciting Chinese to increase the Numbers of soldiers in Sikkim Border and that was the reason behind dilly dallying in accepting the Rahul’s Visit, Rahulji has not informed Chinese to increase Number of Soldiers but replace a portion of Army deployed by Women soldiers and this will not amount to any Anti India”.

Further he informed that presence of Women soldiers on both sides definitely would reduce the tension between the two Armies.