Friday, 20th April, 2018

Reading Modi's tweets on Jeet Bahadur, Rahul seeks guidance from Modi

04, Aug 2014 By vinzymania

While summoning an urgent Press Conference today at 10 Janpath, Rahul Gandhi told reporters that after reading about Prime Minister Modi inspiring Jeet Bahadur to lead a better life, he has decided to seek his help. Before the start of the press conference, Rahul was seen grinning ear to ear, reinforcing the belief of the common public that he truly didn’t know what to do in life.

He added, “Digvijay uncle has been my political guru, but ever since he took a step back, I see myself fade into oblivion. Its time I self introspect for my party’s defeat as we haven’t been able to ascertain the root cause of our failure. I hope Modiji guides me and provides me with the vision to take me and the party forward.”

Hopeful Rahul
Hopeful Rahul

Upon being asked as to what his mother had to say, he said, “Yesterday, when I woke up in the morning, at night about 4am, I saw my mother crying. She told me, “Paagalpan is Poison”. And then, I realized how mad I was for Chotta Bheem and Do RaeMon and cancelled my subscription to POGO. I am sure that it would be easy for Modiji to reunite me with my dreams as I have a sixth sense. Having learnt from my Dadi and Papa, my sixth sense prevailed to stop my mom and myself from becoming the PM.”

When asked as to whether he had already contacted Modi for the same, he said, “I have already written a letter to Modiji in this regard and you can file an RTI to know the contents of the same. “

It is interesting to note that till now there has neither been a confirmation nor a denial from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding Rahul Gandhi’s letter. Also, Home minister Rajnath Singh categorically stated that since Rahulji no longer poses a threat to the country’s I.Q, he may be allowed to interact with Modiji on a personal basis.