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Re-elections to be held every year: Modi

09, Jun 2014 By joydas1995

If reports from internal sources of the BJP are to be believed, re-elections are to be held every year. This startling announcement came just ten days after the new Government was enthroned.

According to the P.A. of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mrs. Rajia Imli, Mr. Narendra Modi has decided to do so because he has not made a speech since last twenty days, “Forget about the swearing in ceremony” Ms. Imli adds. She further adds, “After the elections results were declared, after the celebrations were over, Mr. Modi became depressed. “He can be sleep-deprived, but not speech deprived”.

When our reporters tried to catch up with Mr. Narendra Modi in Telengana House, he said, “By doing so, we will be able to know the mood of junta, also we might break the record of Rajiv Gandhi as well.”

This has created a huge turmoil in Indian politics both outside and inside of BJP. As for inside BJP, Dr. Subramanyam Swami has called it a master stroke. However if internal sources are to be believed Lal Krishna Advani was initially pressurizing the BJP think-tank to make him the Prime-Minstrel candidate. However he later agreed upon making Modi the Prime minstrel candidate. “This is complete lie. We respect Advaniji and he will be given a respectable position in the new Government.” Party president Rajnath Singh denied all the allegations saying this.

This has created a huge turmoil in INC too. “This time Rahul baba is gonna win it. Junta ki ‘Rai’ humare saath hoga,” Senior congress leader Digvijay Singh tweeted. When our reporter asked Rahul Gandhi about it, he said, “It’s all about empowerment of women, I will do twice the number of rallies Modi did. Diggy mama has downloaded all the Modi speeches for me, so this time nobody can laugh at me for my poor oratory skills”.

When our reporter found AAP founder Aravind Kejriwal doing dharna at Dalal Street and asked him about it, “Ab ki baar AAP ki sarkaar. Ye sab chor hai. Ye mereko bhagora bolte hai. Par khud 20 din ki sarkaar chalate hai. Bharat ki janta ab jaag chuki hai, phir se. Iss bar me do seat se ladunga Vadodra and my stronghold Varanasi,” he said.

Manmohan Singh, who is on a holiday to Mauritius, tweeted, “theek hai”.