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Ravi Shankar Prasad gets emotional after Narendra Modi resigns as CM of Gujarat

23, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

New Delhi: Spokesman of BJP, Ravi Shankar Prasad got emotional while addressing press conference at BJP headquarter. Press conference was called to formally announce resignation of Narendra Modi as Chief Minister. As reported by FakingNews, earlier Ravi Shankar Prasad demanded resignation of Narendra Modi as chief minister of Gujarat. According to the sources near to BJP leader, he got emotional as first time his demand was accepted.

Ravi Shankar Prasad with his supporters after emotional moments, celebrating victory

“Give me resignation..err..water..”asked BJP spokesperson to Personal Assistant(PA) standing behind him while tears in his eyes during emotional moment at press conference. Later in heart to heart talk, he said to FakingNews that, “Nobody took me seriously whenever I demanded resignation in past ten years. But this time, Narendra bhai took it seriously. Narendra bhai is like brother for me. I didn’t imagine in past ten years that one day he would fulfill my dream.”

In a conversation with his sister, she told that BJP leader once demanded resignation of his maths teacher as she didn’t tell him that from where X came. His sister also told that resignation of Narendra Modi helped his brother to come out of depression as he couldn’t ask for resignation from past few days.

“I saw him standing in front of mirror asking for his own resignation. From past few months, he gave resignation to himself many times but it could not help much. My brother is addicted to demand resignations like FakingNews is addicted to Fake news. I am hoping that bhaiya would control and restrict himself to demand resignations,” said his sister in teary eyes. FakingNews could not continue conversation as her husband congress leader Rajiv Shukla came home.