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Ranjit Sinha undergoes rape test after his comments on 'rape'

13, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Explaining his comments on betting and rape.

New Delhi: Shortly after stating at a press conference that betting should be legalised because if rape cannot be stopped it should be enjoyed, Ranjit Sinha – CBI Director was taken to AIIMS hospital for medical rape test.

He further stated that his comments about should not be misconstrued as that is exactly what he has been following all this years. He said not only him but entire CBI was repeatedly raped by entire Congress led Government. He said “forget PM or ministers any congress member is free to come and rape us anytime. PM, FM and Home Minister are daily expressing their brutal intentions. This has been destroying us and our institution. Now even Supreme Court says we are illegal. Everyone is taking their chances with us now. Since we are helpless we have decided to enjoy it by becoming corrupt ourselves. I have myself asked a bunglow next to Mayawati’s in delhi and after retirement plum posting in returns for favours (sexual or otherwise). Hence I say confidently – if it cannot be stopped enjoy it is right”.

Surprisingly, Women Self Help Groups for rape victims have come together in support of CBI after this clarification. Say we offer moral, financial and personal support to all rape victims including CBI. We shall help CBI find its feet, confidence, and help them do their jobs properly for their livelihood.