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Rampur Nawab palace to host Kazam Khan's buffaloes

25, Aug 2014 By Boka Bihari

Kazam Khan’s buffaloes are back in news. Though this time it is not the same set of “Lost Seven and Found Eight”. Another set of five arrived from Punjab on in special Air Cooled trucks. Saharanpur police had arranged a 21 gun salute for them at Haryana border.  Two Police constables of Punjab Police were relieved of their duty at the border. The two seemed to be in a state of shock. For the last couple of days we have grown fond of  Jaya Pada and Maya Bhen  and it pains to say adieu, they said.


A flag march with a patrol pilot van was arranged  through both Saharanpur and Muzzafarnagar districts. Many of the Jawans of UP police in these recently riot affected districts were performing their first flag March in a decade. The convoy then  proceeded to Rampur.

One man in plain clothes was directing the convoy.  It was revealed that his name was PetAz Khan, son of Kazam’s friend & Chairman Milk Labor Corporation (Ministerial Status in UP), Mr. Buffalaraj Khan.  PetAz told that Kazam’s buffaloes were of pure royal blood. Shouting to a Sub Inspector to arrange  a sack of fodder rich in Jaggery , he confided that the name of two Buffaloes was a worry as Kazam saab loathed the two names.  Kazam Saab will rechristen them . He said that he will send me an invitation card when it happens.

A warm welcome was accorded to the famous five at Rampur. Kaptaan of the district  along with PK Band was present. Rose water and petals were sprayed . A controversy had erupted in between. When the buffaloes reached RamPur palace grounds, the Nawab was furious. The Nawab refused to accord the official welcome of Rampur.

There has been no love lost between Nawab and Kazam since the days when Kazam had demanded that the 7oo year old palace be demolished. Kazam had said that the Palace made Rampur gloomy and dusky  under it’s shade.