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Rajnath convinces Dawood to appear in Indian High Courts

12, May 2015 By ravib

Rajnath Singh, The Indian Home minister today further convinced Dawood Ibrahim to visit India and surrender before Bangalore High Court or Mumbai High Court. He further offered proofs that this is the best way to absolve himself of all criminal cases such as 1993 bomb blasts.

“Thank You Rajnath Singhji, for opening my eyes!” Dawood over a telephonic talk.

Its reliably learnt that Dawood Ibrahim is now planning to surrender at the residence of The Karnataka High Court Chief Justice during the upcoming summer recess, as he is fully convinced that if JJ can be acquitted, his own cases such as the 1993 bomb cases can be dismissed far more easily. Rajnath Singh further stated, that the evidences in Dawood’s cases are flimsy compared to rock solid evidences in Jayalalitha’s cases and it’s just a matter of time before he can start operating freely from gullies of Navi Mumbai fearlessly.

Speaking over phone with this reporter from an undisclosed location, Dawood expressed deep faith in the Indian Judiciary and said it is unparalleled anywhere in the world. In Pakistan he would have been shot long ago for such crimes as the 1993 bomb blasts. He agreed The Indian Judiciary is far more evolved than the British Justice systems. He thanked the Indian Home Minister for opening his eyes. When asked if he would float a political party upon his exoneration here, he was affirmative and said he would support any Secular party in India

Also, Dawood is excited that the CIA and other agencies such as Interpol would be rendered persona non grata once The Karnataka HC dismisses all his cases as they did for Jayalalitha.