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Rajiv Gandhi Knowledge Sharing programme for Non-Nehruvian communal leaders

01, Jun 2014 By Fakerazzi

As it has been learnt to the dismay of the news media, public was fooled in a big way. It ended up electing a coterie of undeserved and illiterate street type people as the rulers of India.

Appalled at such degradation of public policy domain in the ancient enrichable land of India, opposition parties have undertaken a massive task of educating new ruling class in the nuances of governance.

They will be supported by all secular leaders with proven credentials.  Few academics and media personalities have also decided not to leave country or postpone mars trips and help in this task. The teachers will be those who have been awarded Ph.D in economics using secular principles by Nehru Sansthan and Rajiv Shiksha Kendra. The degree must have the original signature of the then UPA chairperson or a chosen VP.

First premise of the programme is that utmost caution should be used before questioning the wisdom learnt post independence. India was not at all having any intellectual capital before independence. Thanks to the herculean effort of JNU, DU, NSUI, Sevadal, Deoband, AMU, Jamia and other esteemed organizations, a new intellectual capital has been generated. New ruling class must make an effort to learn these teachings and make utmost effort to assimilate the learning.

Opposition party offices across the country will be used to conduct classes. These classes will not be operated in WB, Orissa, TN, Telangana, Kerala and few NE states. Only few parts of Karnataka, Punjab, Delhi and AP will be offered these courses. UPA chairperson will be academic dean of these crash courses. Degree disbursal will be entirely at the discretion of him/her. Some ex-MPs may help in the process.

Few of the courses on offer are

  1. Bond theory
  2. Economic stagnation recognition
  3. Reservation without Benefits
  4. Swiss bank procedures
  5. Hut floor eating
  6. Sea Jumping
  7. Coalition Dharma
  8. Subsidy Science
  9. Equal Representation Via Quota system
  10. Hand waving
  11. Leader worship
  12. Cabinet expansion
  13. Dharna Theory and Midnight raids
  14. Constituency Care packages
  15. Parallel power theory
  16. Buffalo rearing
  17. Statue making
  18. Silence mantra
  19. Love at any age
  20. Criminal avoidance
  21. Airport security check procedures
  22. Secret foreign trips
  23. PSB money disbursal
  24. Sangh de-addiction techniques
  25. Love thy neighbor’s religion principles
  26. Media management
  27. Academic management
  28. Quick ramp up from Assembly polls to LS poll
  29. Web based donations
  30. Selective memory and quick jump principles

As time passes and more inadequacy of current lot is discovered, new courses will be offered.