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Rajeev Shukla and his co-party members praise Rahul Gandhi for his consistent performance

08, Dec 2013 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: Congress’ senior leader and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Planning, Rajeev Shukla, today praised their vice-president Rahul Gandhi for the consistency he has shown ever since he joined politics.

Has Rajiv ji lost it?
“Has Rajiv ji lost it?,” asked Rahul Gandhi his mother.

This statement was released after Congress faced huge defeat in all 4 states including Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh and New Delhi.

“We can’t blame Sri Sri Rahul Gandhi for the loss, he is our vote catcher just like Kamran Akmal is Pakistan’s ball catcher. Respect for Rahul Gandhi is enhanced in my heart with all these losses, ” Rajeev Shukla said.

“Look at his records, we lost everywhere ever since Rahul Gandhi started campaigning for us. He started up with UP then Gujarat and now in these 4 states. His consistency is admirable,” Rajeev Shukla further added.

“Rahul Jee will lead us in the upcoming LS election as well and we’re quite hopeful that he’ll  keep up with the consistent performance. We believe that consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness. ” Rajeev Shukla told Faking News.

On the other hand Union Minister of Finance Mr. P. Chidambaram called it a moral victory for Congress in New Delhi as BJP and AAP both didn’t get the majority.

“Both BJP and AAP must be feeling terrible that they didn’t win those 8 most important  seats in Delhi. Look, how Rahul Gandhi is making them sweat.” Chidambaram stated.

Another senior party leader and Minister of Home Affairs, Sushil Kumar Shinde stated that Rahul Gandhi has sacrificed a lot of things for the nation’s better and that’s what he did in these elections as well by losing badly.

When asked why Rahul Gandhi is still their star leader when he is failing miserably everywhere and what quality Rahul Gandhi has, Mr. Shind said “Hehe, have you ever noticed the dimples on his cheeks, they’re cute and cuteness is a quality itself.”

Meanwhile Kapil Sibal is totally disappointed with the results as Congress didn’t get a zero in any of the states.

Faking News also talked to Manmohan Singh about the humiliating loss.

“I strongly condemn……”Manmohan Singh said before his speech writer interrupted him and took him away from our reporter.

Congress’ Vice President Rahul Gandhi also talked to our reporter and said “I am not gonna give up, I know we haven’t lost and it’s just a state of mind, I’ve learned a lot from Arvind Kejriwal and I’ve already ordered one lac topis with ‘Main hun Pappu’ written on them. I think not wearing caps was the biggest reasons for our loss in the elections.”

When asked about Modi-factor working in BJP’s way he said showing his nintendo “Hehe, look, I just beat Narendra Modi.”