Friday, 20th April, 2018

Rajasthan govt to release Padmavat in 4D; includes cast members to enhance viewing experience.

22, Jan 2018 By punvendra

After considering the directions of supreme court, Rajasthan government has not only decided to release the film but it will also be shown in 4D. Note that it is being released elsewhere in 3D which was the initial intent of film-makers. Supreme court has directed state government to ensure law and order during the movie release. To which, government has responded by changing screening in ‘3D’ with ‘4D’._85174068-ed5c-11e7-ba01-0264b08f54bd

Apart from changing the posters, members from the Rajput community will also be added as cast members because of the repeated demands of casting team Karni sena. This is done to resolve the caste issue by addressing cast issue.

As cast members, their role will be to provide viewers with 4D experience. To make them feel as if they are in the middle of battle between Ratan singh and Khilji. This will be done by creating battlefields in cinema halls with effects like fire and by beating up people to enhance viewing experience. “The viewer must feel like they are part of the movie, like how the director felt in the first teaser we made”, said the member who recorded video of Bhansali being harassed on sets. “We only want to beat, even if it is the competition from hollywood movies. They came up with small 4D effects like mist and fog but we want to take it further and add more dimensions. I say we should call it 5D… no 6D… no… what comes after 6… multi-D”, said another caste…err cast member.

Movie distributors have also invited fringe elements from other communities to join them. One cinema owner on the conditions of called historian said,”Watching movies has never been made this interactive. Depending upon the situation in cinema hall, even history can be reinterpreted and there will be no way to know who is going to win till the very last moment… or breath.”