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Railway Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda is new Warren Buffett

30, Oct 2014 By justanotherloser

MUMBAI: Current Railway Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda is the new Warren Buffett of India after he double his money in just five month.He surprised everyone by showing his excellent skill.

“He is Genious,I have never seen anyone with this kind of skill. Where i used to get 20% on my investment per annum, This man is getting 225%.This is just unbelievable,” Said Warren Buffett, as he was still in shock while talking to our Reporter.

“I always believe in my self. I was born intelligent and I was just waiting for an opportunity and Mr Narendra Modi gave me that opportunity.I am very thankful to him and there will be lot of people in ministry who will beat the Market in coming days.after all this is what called Ache Din ” Said the Railway minister  D.V. Sadananda Gowda.

While prime minister Mr Narendra Modi is very proud of their people and he is sure that every cabinet minister will double his money by end of this financial year.he directed every ministry person to hold a press conference by end of this financial year and the person who make the highest return will be get the finance ministry and will be nominated for Nobel prize for economic Science.

“He is a Lootera,He is trying to sell railways to Ambani and Adani and these are people who is giving initial capital to Railway minster” Said Mr Kejriwal.While kumar Vishwas said that he can double his money in just two month by his magic poem “Koi deewana kehta hai”.

When our reporter was talking to Railway minister he was busy with his phone and later he told that he is going to give a lecture in Havard University next week.