Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Rahul's theatre trip turned theatrical

23, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If Rahul Gandhi goes theatre it is looked down upon as the politician’s big folly. The Congress party president’s film viewing on one very specific or particular day caused the BJP men to become extremely critical of him. Obviously, the ruling party politicians found a striking subject for flaying Rahul Gandhi, one different sort of leader. They termed this kind of inclination something irresponsible and immature thing. How could a leader go to the theatre on the assemblies’ results declaration day?

With no sneering subtlety whatsoever, the Samajwadi leader Naresh Agarwal has castigated the saffron leaders over it. Making it a point he disliked the habit of the BJP men of changing the matter for condemnation. Whatsoever, Rahul Gandhi was doing in his personal life turns out a subject of deriding by the saffron politicians. Then, they could also talk about Rahul’s honeymoon too if they were not leaving even insignificant matters with the sharpest hint of their breath. It lies on their skin for a second close enough to others’ ear to have the sense of hearing their off the point rants, far enough for them to go on for more.

They know exactly where they really are. They have been criticising Nehru-Gandhi scion since the beginning. Obstinately they have keenly developed a habit of making statement after statement against him. Though Naresh Agarwal’s honeymoon remark led him to plunge into a controversy, the Samajwadi Party jumped with curative or remedial words. After thinking through it for a good length of time the party attempted to give an explanation. The party did not waste enough time in it by saying that the statement was taken in wrong recourse.

They moderately maintain the shreds of their dignity amid criticism. However, the politicians’ faces going through a range of expressions finally land on a sweetly softened look. They appear to create controversial remarks in order to regain publicity which is very vital in the field of poly-tricks. The SP leader was determined to salvage. He made a goofy face to substantiate the point. Not exactly what he was going for, but it was what he had to exert with.