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Rahul's nomination draws verbal brawl

04, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: So much verbal fight on Rahul Gandhi’s nomination for the party presidentship. But the senior journalist Abhay Dubey’s strong question even silenced the BJP’s spokesperson who agreed to the point that all is not every inch democratic in his party too.

When the experienced journalist further enquired of ‘unseen power’ which commands the saffron party accept the person as the president eventually, GVL evaded direct response.

It is not only the Congress Party which has submitted itself to the dynastic or family rule but various other regional parties have approved it. This is the stark reality of the Indian politics. Though our great country is wholly constitutional, the politicians draw their own contour.

Meanwhile, another senior journalist pointed out that the Congress Party remained stuck to the Nehru-Gandhi family after the Nehru age. It was her father who chose the daughter to the post of president. This has come to be started as the tradition of the aged political party. Rahul Gandhi is the sixth in line for the party’s highest post.

He also added that the country’s biggest leader Gandhiji never thought of his progeny for the coveted post.

Despite all the electoral defeats the Congressmen still love to see Rahul Gandhi as the party saviour that’s why a young Indian Shahzad Punewallah gets no immediate chance to contest against him. He bemoans of his sheer negligence by the Congress leader. Nevertheless, he surprises at his special reference by the PM Narendra Modi in his speech in poll-bound Gujarat.

His groans somehow approved paucity of the democratic process within the party’s internal politics. However, the Congress finds its unity only behind one family.

It appears that the anti-incumbency trends in the state politics of Gujarat were going to render the elevated post of the party’s chief to the scion of Gandhi family. It would also be taken as an outcome of his increasing popularity owing to the seeping out deficiencies of the Bhartiya Janata Party’s long rule in the prime minister’s home state.

Will this assembly election change bastion of both the tallest leaders?