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Rahul's image makeover done by Congress computer experts (pics)

17, Jan 2014 By manithan

It is already a news that Congress has squarely denied that they are not doing image makeover for Rahul using Dentsu because of lack of funds. But there are talks of Congress Social media office busy in doing image makeover of Rahul Gandhi in a cheaper manner.

It is believed that such images will be plastered across India, with his famous quotes below it. Our reporter got hold of the screenshots of the images of Rahul Gandhi undergoing makeover leaked from Social media office (shown below):

I’m a beehive.. it’s funny but think about it. Which is more funnier? My image or my image made to look like a beehive?

Photoshop is in my area, in my shirt and in my image

I’m covering my image with cover to escape from 25000 mosquito images biting it. I can also claim I’m an undercover PM in the future

Photoshop is just a state of mind. It does not mean you need to know a lot about computers. If one possesses self-confidence, then he can do photoshop.

People say that Congress does not have a clean image..So, I’m cleaning my image first by water

Don’t I look like my grandma? See that white hair.. If my image looks like her, will I be assassinated like her? I don’t care about that

Every situation that Indian person finds himself in is extremely complex. We have to deal with the red lights

While experimenting in my lab on how to bring the escape velocity of Jupiter in earth conditions..