Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Rahul's anti-corruption pitch to be his main poll prank

15, Jan 2014 By Avichal Singh

Congress on Tuesday clarified that Rahul Gandhi’s pitch against corruption will be his main ‘prank’ in the upcoming elections.

“Rahul Gandhi has a firm resolve to fight against corruption,” Congress spokesperson said.

When asked that Aam Aadmi Party has also come up with the same pitch then how Rahul Gandhi can move the same idea?

Responding to the query, Congres spokesperson Manish Tewari stated that AAP has stolen Conress’ agenda for the Lok Sabha polls. “Initially, it was Congress’ idea to use ‘Corruption’ as the agenda in the Lok Sabha elections 2014,” he said.

Further explaining, Tewari said that AAP is a party of thieves and fraud individuals. He also blamed AAP for stealing ‘missing coal files.’

Probably, AAP has mistakenly stolen the ‘missing coal files’ believing that it was our top secret.