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Rahul Yadav and Kejriwal to conduct joint TEDx Talk on “Traffic Rules: Art of Effective U-turns”

09, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Seasoned entrepreneur Rahul Yadav and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal have come together to design a specially crafted TEDx talk on “Traffic Rules: Art of Effective U-turns” for people who wish to learn intricacies of normal and office politics. In this talk they will be giving symbolic examples from city-traffic situations and linking them to various political and corporate situations which budding politicians and entrepreneurs face in their day-to-day lives.

This TED talk will later be converted into a 3 day workshop by Yadav and Kejriwal, which will be held periodically in New Delhi to help aspiring politicians, journalists, news presenters and entrepreneurs to sharpen their U-turn taking skills.

Kejriwal unable to hide his happiness finding Rahul Yadav taking U-Turn!
Kejriwal unable to hide his happiness finding Rahul Yadav taking U-Turn!

Talking to reporters at a joint press conference Yadav and Kejriwal presented their thoughts and explained the whole initiative in detail:

Yadav: “After my recent debacle of sending a tough email, bashing investors in media and later taking a complete U-turn, many people were very impressed with my “turnaround” capabilities. Kejriwal ji also sent me a twitter message congratulating me on finally acting like a mature entrepreneur. He praised me for being able to experience a drastic change-of-heart so quickly.

I have also always respected him for similar capabilities and his message further helped me brainstorm similarities between his acts and mine and that is when the idea for this TEDx talk was born.”

Kejriwal: Yaar ek baat aap sab log jaante ho, we have always worked for the people of India and Gaza and this initiative is also for the people of these countries. Specifically for New Delhi we noticed in a recent survey that citizens are not happy with the traffic situation in Delhi. People are not happy with how some key celebrities take U-turns on the roads without giving any indicator. And when I saw results of this survey, I thought who is better than Rahul (Yadav) and me to teach people how to take better U-turns .. on road.”

When they were asked on what exactly can audience gain from this TEDx talk, Yadav first asked Kejriwal to take that question, but answered the question himself before Kejriwal could speak:

Yadav: “How to take a clean U-turn, how to avoid obstacles, how to ignore the people who detest you for taking that turn, how to be completely normal after a drastic and sudden change of heart. These are some of the topics we would be touching upon. People who are intellectually not capable of taking nay U-turns are also welcome to this talk. I have already forwarded the invite to my investors and board members.”

Kejriwal initially refused to speak but just after the refusal he suddenly started to speak:

Kejriwal: “The art of an effective U-turn is not in taking it but how do you handle the change management afterwards. If there are some cars which are following you on a highway and you take a sudden U-turn … they also put a sudden break. Similarly the people who follow you get a Jhatka when you take a sudden U-turn. But at that exact moment you have to manage their expectations very well, so that they are not afraid to follow you despite continuous U-turns.” – Kejriwal concluded the press conference.

The reporters who attended this press conference were earlier promised that some refreshments would be available for consumption but they were handed empty snack-boxes just after the press conference citing that reason snacks could not be obtained due to a last minute U-turn from the snacks-vendor.

While dates for the TEDx talk are not yet decided it is being strongly rumored that after all reservations are done, the venue finalized, advertised and all the travel is booked the talk may be cancelled last minute as a symbolic U-turn gesture.