Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Rahul to look like Kejriwal : 500 crore for Plastic Surgery

09, Jan 2014 By charsichaplin

After facing unprecedented defeat in the 4 states , Congress has finally come up with a strategy which is believed to counter the “Modi Wave”.  Sources said , that a contract of 500 crore has been awarded to a Japanese plastic surgery firm for Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s image makeover.With half its citizens looking all the same ,the Japanese technological advancement in the field of plastic surgery is renowned world over and is being considered ideal for giving Rahul, the common man look. rahul kejriwal A senior Plastic Surgeon in the company has confirmed the news to our reporter on condition of anonymity.He told Faking News that ” As the aam aadmi of India doesn’t have the privilege to smile, the first major surgery will be  getting rid of the royal dimples, which will take care of the AAM part.The second surgery will be for handling the AADMI part, by adding a mustache as most Indians still consider him a 40 year old kid.”

The BJP came in sharply with spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman  condemning the move calling Arvind Kejriwal’ s AAP as B Team of Congress. ” We also condemn the attack on the Japanese Firm’s office by Hindu Rakshak Dal and needless to mention the organisation has no affiliation with the BJP ” she said . But first reports of attacks at the Japanese’s firm office only came in half an hour after the press conference ended.

It is believed that a lot of Indians might be easily deceived with Rahul Gandhi’s new look at least till he doesn’t open his mouth, something he still needs to learn from the outgoing PM Manmohan Singh.