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Rahul to give away all his shares in

20, May 2015 By muddledscripts

Amethi. CEO, Rahul Gandhi was embroiled in yet another controversy when he announced that he will give away his entire stake to party workers. He broke the news to workers while addressing a rally yesterday. “I’m just 45 and it’s too early in life to get serious about power and politics,” he said in the statement. He then challenged other party leaders to follow his footsteps.

CEO Rahul Gandhi
Mardi Grass and La Tomatina are the real political parties. They are not Suit-Boot ki Sarkar: CEO Rahul Gandhi

This announcement comes on heels of his recent resignation drama and long leave of absence to perform vipasana and rediscover himself. board has rejected his move. “It was not discussed and not cleared by the board. Such decisions cannot be executed with the wish of one person. If it’s not for the money then take zero salary, but stock holdings are a must for any family member. How can any normal person lay claim to ownership in Gandhi stock?” an senior member has been quoted as saying.

Faking News interviewed him. The following are some excerpts.

FN: Your thoughts on being controversy’s child? Rahul: I have no idea. It’s all been done by media, they can answer better.

FN: The lessons that guide you the most? Rahul: In the Congress office , I was surrounded by very smart people, but when I got out into the real world, I realised the density of smart people is not very high.

FN: The political parties you admire? Any Indian parties? Rahul: Mardi Gras and La Tomatina are two parties I admire. No Indian parties in particular.

Rahul tweets his challenge
Rahul tweets his challenge

FN: Comments on that provocative resignation letter and the ‘fight’ with the old guard? Rahul: I do not regret being aggressive with the old guard. You can be aggressive with people who you are close to. It was just a normal day at the Congress. The video of me tearing up the ordinance got leaked and people made it into a big deal.

FN: What made you decide to give away your stock? Rahul: Giving away stock gives clarity – to me, to people inside, investors, and to the outside world – that I’m not in this business for money, but for solving the problem.

FN: Have you cashed out any equity so far? Rahul: I’ve not cashed out anything. I live in a rented house in Amethi, my office at National Herald is rented as well. I just draw a salary to cover basic expenses.

FN: Now that you’re not quitting, your plans for the next 12 months? Rahul: In the next one year, we will go from to becoming a group of parties that does ‘everything real politics’ – women’s empowerment, farmers movement, anti-corruption… We will also expand to new states that are developing in terms of politics like Rajasthan, Maharashtra.

Rahul is also reportedly planning to hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit in the near future.