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Rahul to contest from Raibareli, AAP called an emergency meeting

18, Feb 2014 By Divyendra kumar

After the release of AAP’s candidates list for LS elections, to ensure victory for Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi made an announcement that Rahul Gandhi will contest from Raibareli. After this AAP called an emergency meeting to deal with the situation. Here is what happened in that meeting:

Vishwas (on Skype): what do I do now Arvind ? After spending countless days in Amethi , it all seems to go in vain.

Kejriwal: You just stay put there and innovate some political poem. Every party is releasing their theme songs. We will take care of the rest. Did you think of anything Sisodia?

Sisodia: Lets make change in our list, move Vishwas to Raibareli.

Vishwas v/s Rahul

Kejriwal: No. very less chances to win from there.

Yogendra Yadav: Yes. According to my survey, we have no chance in Raibareli.

Kejriwal: How could you always come up with a survey in such a less time?  Forget it, I don’t want to know. You say something Prashant.

Prashant: umm… In my view …(interrupted by kejriwal)

Kejriwal: Please try not to imply your personal kind of views here

Prashant: I wasn’t. Let Vishwas contest from Amethi, we’ll get more winning votes now.

Vishwas: Yeah. He’s right.

Kejriwal: yaar, this is not the question of win but to defeat.

Somnath: Yes. We are vigilante.

Kejriwal: Somnath please, don’t force me to put a surveillance on you. AIB people should have made “Raid Dance” instead of “Dharna Dance”. Wait! got an idea. Lets do dharna in Amethi demanding Rahul to contest from there.

Vishwas: That’s fantastic. I already have a place in mind.

Kejriwal: Call Ashutosh to arrange an exclusive interview following with a press conference to announce dharna. Lets do this boys.