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Rahul promises to fight against the lack of 'change' in the country (Guffaws)

08, May 2015 By shahshalinb

New Delhi. In an opinion that has found surprising resounding backing cutting across all classes, Rahul gandhi has raised the often hushed up topic of the missing change in the country. Look at the following reactions:

“Bhaiya aaj sab se zyaada Change ki zaroorat kisko hai? Gareebon ko. Mahilaaon ko! Kya aap logon ko diya Change iss suit-boot ki Sarkar ne?”

Mrs. Dubey @18tillIhave3rdChild I love the GUCCI purse my 3 year old kid gifted me on his birthday, It even has a space for coins. Pity the Ola driver didn’t have any and he had to make with 2 rupee less. Gave him a piece of my mind though.

Ramesh @RameshOla @18tillIhave3rdChild Your real age is 43, it says on your ola profile. #YouAre2rupeesperson #KRK

Krish @onlinecrazy Finally will be able to really pay 99₹ for that 99₹ purchase.

Nice @NiceGuyEddieMr. Pink, khush to bahaut honge na aap!” No compulsory tipping for you now. #ReservoirDogs

The Gujarat shop-owner’s association has come out in support of it by printing 4₹ and 5₹ on plastic bags and giving it to people until change arrives. (On an unrelated note shares of chocolate eclairs fell by 3%.)

The topic raised a storm in the parliament when the Congress party sleeping under the leadership of RaGa demanded an answer from the Finance Minister saying that when they passed on the government to them, the situation of change wasn’t in such a bad shape. It only took a comment from Arun Jaitley of which only the words which were coherent were CWG…Loot…Thumb to the Janta on coins…scam to elicit no response from the congress, but the mention of Robert Vadra led to some parliamentary language being exchanged in the house.

After all this, the government relented and the Prime Minister himself has set up a commission and christened it S.I.C.C.A. Society Is Craving for Coins Association and received a like on his facebook post declaring the same from RSS for the Hindi name reference.

Aam aadmi party leader Kejriwal has promised to dole out free*™ change to the residents of Delhi, only to recant after 4 minutes that the free change was only in form on 25 paise coins* and again after 9 seconds added that it will be given only to those who promise to throw it on the media.

Meanwhile Mr. Jagdish Mangalsutra who has just finished reading this article while sitting at Sankalp restaurant was just tendered 97 ₹ in change in 5 different denominations totaling 23 coins on a 403 ₹ bill. The smug waiter is looking at him as he asks for an extra pan.