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Rahul lauds Congress’ escape velocity in 2014 elections, declares he shall form government on Jupiter

18, May 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

10 Janpath, Delhi: After his official press conference with mummy Sonia Gandhi in which he took responsibility for Congress’ defeat, Rahul Gandhi had another impromptu press conference when he barged into a news studio, declared the Modi wave ‘nonsense’ and most importantly grinned wildly.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul saying good bye.

He also grabbed a laddoo from a reporter, saying he needed a ‘power laddoo’ to answer the reporters’ questions, whatever that meant.

“That is why I was smiling so much in the press conference with my mother,” Mr. Gandhi added. “I knew something the mediapersons did not. With this emphatic historic loss, Congress party has attained the escape velocity it needed to expand its politics to other planets.”

When asked which planet he was mulling the next Congress government on, Rahul thought for a few minutes, rolled up his sleeves, rolled them down, put his hands on his waist, put them in front of his groin and only then replied. “Mighty Raju has gone to Rio but I think we will go to Jupiter,” he said, grinning from ear to ear.