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Rahul labels Modi “monster”; engineers start sending CVs to Modi thinking he runs

27, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Bangalore: After Rahul Gandhi, poll campaign chief of the Congress, labelled Narendra Modi a “monster” in a mega rally in India’s information technology hub, Bangalore, today, this had an unexpected reaction on the mostly engineering employee population of the city.

Rahul Gandhi
“Arre baba, mazaaq kar raha hun”

Mistaking Mr. Gandhi’s words to be true, the engineers presumed that Narendra Modi was the man behind and began sending their CVs to him, in hope of better, higher paying jobs.

“Monster meaning, no?” a software engineer called Tadapit Kumar, who has been on the bench for three and a half years asked this reporter, with hope in his eyes. “A lot of us Infosysites have sent our CVs to Modiji… if he runs, he can hopefully get us something better than this pointless existence at negligible pay.”

“They all made the mistake of taking Mr. Gandhi seriously,” Kapil Sibal said, defending Rahul Gandhi. “The first lesson we learnt when Rahulji joined the party was to not take him seriously. In fact, people should not take any of us seriously at all… that’s what differentiates us from BJP’s kattar soch.”