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Rahul happy that Amitav Ghosh is not voting for BJP

17, Sep 2013 By myindia

New Delhi – Rahul Gandhi is reportedly said to be celebrating  Author Amitav Ghosh’s interview in which he said he won’t vote for Modi.

Jr. Gandhi is believed to have called all the party think-tank led by Second in command Shri Digvijay to discuss the possibility of campaigning for all the votes individually in upcoming General Election.

He is believed to have forwarded a message which stated, katre-katre se dariya banta hain. This is believed to take their campaign to an all new level. And if sources are to believed, search has already begun for a poor man to kick-start this highly stupid anticipated campaign.

Author Ghosh earlier said that his Vote won’t go for Modi. Why a writer said so and why he was called for a prime time discussion when we have uncovered riots in our country is yet to be found and i don’t have funds and time to do that.

However we did speak to people about this and when this reporter spoke to a college student Adil about Ghosh’s comment, without completely listening to the question he shouted, “If the elections are in summer Ghosh will not vote as it will be hot in Delhi”.

We also tried to figure out what people were tweeting about this and many Modi Maniacs were angry as hell for the loss of a vote thus giving Rahul Ji’s dumbness a horse-run in the ranch.

We are analysing the situation and would write more about Rahul Ji’s campaign, might post pictures of him with a poor man or just do nothing (remember my editor is not forcing me to do anything meaningless).

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