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Rahul Gandhi's understanding of OROP

05, Nov 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

New Delhi. One Rank One Pension is an economically complex concept to understand. It is heartening to see politicians understanding the concept so well and creating an uproar. Rahul Gandhi has been at the forefront of the agitation created after an ex-militaryman of defense forces committed suicide for not getting OROP. So we tried to understand what exactly is OROP from Rahul Gandhi. Please read below to get insight into his head

Reporter (R): Sir, Congratulations for successfully creating the uproar on OROP

Rahul Gandhi (RG): Don’t congratulate me. Congratulate ex-militarymans of this country

R: Sir, what is your understanding of OROP?

Rahul Gandhi explaining OROP
Rahul Gandhi explaining OROP

RG: OROP stands for One Rank One Pension

R: No Sir, I mean what does OPOP means?

RG: OROP means One Rank One Pension

R: No Sir, let me rephrase my question. What is the implication of OROP ?

RG: Well, there are huge political implications.

R: No Sir, I want to ask what exactly OROP does? What does it mean if OROP is implemented ?

RG: (Smiling) If OROP is implemented ex-militaryman not will commit suicide

R: Sir, how are you so sure that if OROP is implemented then no one will commit suicide ?

RG: Ajay Maken told me so

R: But Sir, government has already implemented OROP in Sept 2015 ?

RG: That is not true. If it would have been true then this ex-militaryman would not have committed suicide

R: Sir, exactly what is missing in OROP implementation ?

RG: That is something government should explain

R: Sir, when will you believe that OROP is implemented ?

RG: As and when Ajay Maken would tell me so

R: Congress was in power for 4 four decades. You have been in parliament for so long. Why your government did not implement OROP ?

RG: Really? I heard about OROP only after Modi government came to power. If Ajay Maken would have told me when we were in power, I would have definitely got it implemented

R: Sir, do you think OROP will empower women?

RG: Of course. That is why I want to get it done

R: Sir, OROP experts are saying OROP is implemented and only few technical complications are remaining

RG: (Sitting in the car and all set to leave) Bhaiya, vo sab nahi pata OROP lagu karo buss