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Rahul Gandhi’s speeches to be preserved in the Oscar library

02, Apr 2014 By girishfour
While the winds of support are moving towards Narendra Modi there is one thing that Rahul Gandhi can be proud of.  In one of the most extraordinary instances, the Academy of Motion Pictures has decided to include Rahul Gandhi’s speeches in their treasure trove of scripts.

Happy Rahul

This is the first time ever that the prestigious organization has considered political speeches, defying the usual norm of choosing film screenplays.
On being asked what propelled them to choose speeches, President of the organization Tim Luck Luck said, “We have been following RaGa’s speeches quite closely; they are exquisitely crafted and posses great entertainment value. It’s an incredible work of fiction; it has genius written all over it. Political speeches give goose bumps but Rahul Gandhi’s speeches are really humorous and one-of-its-kind, putting him in another league altogether”.  “Leaders from across the world should take a leaf out of this while I am certain that it will serve as an exemplar for future leaders”, he added.
An elated Rahul Gandhi has acknowledged this recognition and credited his speech writers for churning out gem after gem. The biggest conundrum ahead of the Oscar committee was singling out one public speech. There was great debate and heated exchanges between the members over choosing either of ‘Escape Velocity of the Jupiter’ and ‘Poverty is a state of mind’. But after finding themselves in an extreme state of bewilderment, over 25 of Rahul Gandhi’s speeches were chosen by the committee.
The announcement triggered celebrations at 10 Janpath and party workers are said to be in a jubilant mood. Congress president Sonia Gandhi seemed to be on cloud nine after her son’s first big achievement.  Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha said, “It is the beginning of new era. First Slumdog Millionare and now another appreciation, just wait for the elections”. Meanwhile, the BJP is believed to in process of hiring Bollywood scriptwriters. On the other hand, Arvind Kejriwal quit politics followed by a dharna against his own intellect.