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Rahul Gandhi's marriage hopes revives after Hina-Bilawal affair

27, Sep 2012 By Vibhijain

Rahul Gandhi’s hopes of getting married received a sudden tonic after a Bangladeshi daily claimed that Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar is having an affair with Bilawal Bhutto, son of the Pakistani president.

Bilawal is the same man who expressed discontent after being compared with Rahul Gandhi by the Indian media, expecting that this could make Pakistani people feel that he is of Italian origin. Rahul Gandhi is reported to call a marriage bureau after listening to this news, thinking that he has still not pass the legal maximum age for marriage (as stated by the Italian constitution). Maybe he forgot that Bilawal is only 24, or he is 40+.

Rahul Gandhi has already started planning for the big event, and Lalu Prasad Yadav has already said that he will be the vest designer for Rahul. Mayawati is expected to lent her 10 lakh sandals, whereas DMK has promised full connectivity in the wedding hall.  In the meanwhile, Rahul’s Spanish girlfriend has started preparing for the expected pre-marriage swayamvar. An invitation was also sent to Varun Gandhi’ house, but he has already clarified that his party doesn’t plans to do anything other than shouting कोयला चोर! कोयला चोर! in the background.

Rahul is getting mad after this, and is singing Honey Singh songs in happiness. He has just gone to Jharkhand to find the coal he would use for the sacred agni around which he will take his saat phere, but experts tell that he could have found a better range of variety in 10 Janpath or Congress HQ.

The whole development is getting good response from Pakistani locals, who have been known to be eagerly waiting for Rahul to become the Indian PM. Ignoring all the drama going on, Bilawal is trying his best to get married a soon as posible, maybe because he don’t want to waste his suhag-raat visiting a jail in order to take his father’s blessings, or he believes too much in the Maya calender (someone please ping the Indian media meanwhile); SM Krishna would understand his eagerness.