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Rahul Gandhi's interview – The uncensored version

03, Feb 2014 By MRP

A week after the historic Rahul Gandhi’s interview, an official of the Times Now channel back office inadvertently leaked the unedited, uncensored version of the interview. Our correspondent who got access to this, said that, parts of the interview were deleted before airing, out of the TV channel’s respect for the viewers’ time and sensitivities.

Below is the transcript of the deleted parts alone, which occurred at various stages of the interview. The parts that were indeed telecast are not included here out of sympathy for the readers. However, reader discretion is advised as the content below may leave the reader disturbed, disgusted and helpless.

Various facets of the interview
Various facets of the interview

Arnab Goswami – Good day Mr. Rahul Gandhi. It is a pleasure to have you in our studio.

RG – There are six bills pending in the Loksabha. We need to empower women. We implemented RTI. AG – (shocked) What?…..Well Mr. Gandhi. That is alright….How are you doing today?

RG – I don’t think superficially. I think at the fundamental level (pointing to the ground) ..

AG – Do you think you were you right in saying terrorists approached Muzaffarnagar victims? RG – I was right as well as wrong. It was Narendra Modi in terrorist’s dress who approached them. Modi is a terrorist too. ..

AG – BJP says you have no experience and so Congress won’t win the elections this time. What do you say?

RG – It does not matter what they say. In each of the states, they will only win at the state level. They will be reduced to a regional party in each of the states.

AG – What? What did you say?……Any way, what about AAP?

RG – Who? Me?

AG – No, no…what about AAP?

RG – aap hi boliye. ..

AG – How long will you keep listening to your mother on everything?

RG – Till my sister takes over from her. Or my brother-in-law. ..

AG – Why doesn’t Mr. Manmohan Singh speak?

RG – We need to empower women. We implemented RTI. ..

AG – Do you remember the year 1984?

RG – No. I remember 2002.

AG – You must remember 1984. It was an eventful year. Many things happened that year.

RG – Oh! Look at me! Yes… of course, it was a year since we won the world cup in Kabaddi.

AG – No, no, no, no, no…..that was in cricket.

RG – Then why do you ask me when you already know?

AG – Mr. Gandhi, something else happened in 1984. What was that?

RG – We have implemented RTI.

AG – How does that help?

RG – I meant, if you are so keen on knowing about 1984, apply under RTI.

AG – No Mr. Gandhi, the nation wants to know and know if from you.

RG – RTI again.

AG – Mr. Gandhi, I don’t want to know it from RTI. You need to tell me.

RG – You don’t seem to understand what I am saying. This time it is Right to Ignorance.

AG – What do you mean? Right to Ignorance?

RG – Yes! Right to Ignorance.

AG – How can you say that Mr. Gandhi.? How can you?

RG – Well, another RTI…..Right to Indifference. There is one for Innocence too.

AG – (to himself) Of course….Inadequacy and Insanity too.


AG – Mr. Gandhi, why are you not married yet?

RG – It is my right to…

AG –  …right to Independence! Correct?

RG – Wow! You said it bro!


AG – Will you become the PM of India?

RG – What if I ask you the same?


AG – Tonight….I am asking you the 12th time. Answer honestly….did you graduate from the Cambridge?

RG – Are you recording all this? ..

AG – Well Mr. Gandhi. We are heading nowhere. You have not answered even a single question correctly. Let me make it simple for you. How many states are there in India?

RG – Two. Happy state and sad state. All Congress ruled states are in happy state. Others in sad state. AG – I did not mean that…..Ok, let me split it up further….how many states are there in South India?

RG – There are six bills pending in the Loksabha.

AG – That is fine. Now tell me…how many days are there in a week?

RG – There are six bills pending in the Loksabha.

AG – I give up Mr. Gandhi. I will give you one last chance. I want just one correct answer. I am dead sure you will answer this correctly. You can’t miss this.

RG – Okay!…Feel empowered…I admire your confidence. Go ahead and ask.

AG – How many bills are pending in the Loksabha?

RG – (looks up and down, scratches his beard, switches legs, looks at the watch) I don’t know, may be five, may be seven. How should I know? It does not matter. How do these numbers matter when there are six bills pending in the Loksabha and we have empowered women and have implemented RTI?

AG – (Jumping) Good! You have given me the answer. In fact you have answered this question many times so far.

RG – (Upset) Then why did you ask me again?

AG – Take it easy Mr. Gandhi. How many working days are there in a week?

RG – There are six bills pending in the Loksabha.

AG – There you go! I will take that as six. Now….how many balls in an over in cricket?

RG – There are six bills pending in the Loksabha.

AG – Correct. You are getting a..…..Well, I am getting a hang of it. Just a few more questions Mr. Gandhi.

RG – Shoot!

AG – Great! How many faces does a six-faced dice have?

RG – There are six bills pending in the Loksabha.

AG – Good going. What comes after five?

RG – There are six bills pending in the Loksabha.

AG – Superb! What comes before seven?

RG – There are six bills pending in the Loksabha.

AG – You got it!


AG – Thank you Mr. Gandhi for being honest and revealing what you are and what the nation can expect from you. Good Bye.

RG – Oh. Thank you too. But I thought you are going to interview me.

AG – (pulling his hair) Alright! Lights off! Pack up guys, let’s go! Now!

RG – (running after AG) Mr…..Mr. Barkha Dutt….what about the interview?