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Rahul Gandhi's birthday to be celebrated as Kisan Valentines day

21, Apr 2015 By shridhar

New Delhi. To symbolize Rahul Gandhi’s new found love for farmers, Congress has decided to celebrate Raga’s birthday as Kisan Valentines day. It is a day when RaGa will shower his love on the farmers across India. We caught up Digvijay Singh to know more about this new development.

Kekdkear: What is this Kisan Valentines day all about? DS: Its a day when Rahulji will shower his love on all poor farmers in India. Its a day when farmers in India will get blessed by the youth Icon of India. Its a day when the most eligible bachelor will take Indian farmer on a date. Its the day to celebrate the romance between Rahulji and Agriculture.

Rahul Gandhi Collecting His Birthday's Valentine Gifts
Rahul Gandhi Collecting His Birthday’s Valentine Gifts

Kekdekar: Hmmm!! Why was this love hidden till now ? DS: It was never hidden. Rahulji has regularly visited poor farmer households. He has shared dinner packed from Taj with them. How many times does a poor farmer get to eat food from Taj. This really shows how much Rahulji loves farmers. We are now just officially creating a day for this love that always existed.

Kekdekar: So what will Rahul Gandhi do on that day ? DS: The usual stuff. He will meet poor farmers and motivate them to do more farming. This time he will meet farmers whose crops have been destroyed by untimely rains. He will also give motivational speech to farmers on how to avoid committing suicide. He will then be distributing cheque of 151 rupees each to the families of farmers who committed suicide.

The love for farmers is not just blooming in the hearts of Congressmen. It seems like BJP leaders are not far behind in this mad rush of farmer love. Baba Shamdev’s birthday has been declared as Kisan Prem Divas. Their spokes person Culture Kumar said, “All this Kisan Valentines day is western culture. We will not allow this to happen. Our Party loves farmers more than any other party. Pooja will be arranged to pray for timely rains on Kisan Prem Divas. We will also educate farmers on how farming was done 2000 years ago the golden age of India.”

What makes the whole situation sad is that there have been 2,56,913 farmer suicides in India between 1995 to 2010. Both BJP and Congress were in power during this period. This year there is 26% increase in farmer suicides due to untimely rains. The phrase “Too much love can kill you” is turning out to be true in case of Indian farmers.