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Rahul Gandhi votes for NOTA, does not see his name in the list

14, Apr 2014 By wackyankit

The Royal Prince of India, Mr. Rahul Gandhi went to vote for the first time for the 2014 general elections in the New Delhi constituency, since his turning 18 this year.

Rahul Voting
Completely unaware of what lies ahead.

Upon being asked by the booth agent to display a document for address proof, he presented a life-like statue of Dr. Manmohan Singh. The agent replied with a ‘Theek Hai’ and Rahul was allowed to vote.

In the polling booth, ink was applied to his index finger to which he immediately retaliated and applied it back to the polling officer. It has been reported that he even complained to his mother about his misbehaviour, after which the concerned officer was sent on a holiday to Italy.

Upon reaching the ballot box, Rahul Gandhi saw something unusual. He could not see his name on the list, and instead saw a rather unknown person, by the name of Ajay Maken, listed under Congress (I). Having had no choice but to vote, he pressed the NOTA option, assuming it to be his favourite character in the popular show, Chhota Bheem.

After casting the vote, he went out to discuss about the new reforms of women and youth empowerment that his party would be implementing when they tackle the Modi wave. The meeting was attended by vibrant party workers who had just crossed the ripe age of 90 years.

The statue of Dr Singh was found out to be living, the polling booth officer reported after it started whispering, ‘Has Madamji gone?’