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Rahul Gandhi votes for BJP in Delhi polls

05, Dec 2013 By ultikhopdi

In the recently concluded Delhi elections a strange incident occurred which has caught the nation’s attention. According to the latest news Rahul Gandhi Ji  aka Pappu voted for the Bhartiya Janta Party.

Rahul Gandhi
He proved himself once again.

After this news leaked, the Congress community went in a  a state of shock. However when our correspondent Ultikhopdi contacted Shri Rahul G, he denied voting for the BJP.

However the election commission volunteer Mr. Vote Babu from Delhi Region has confirmed  that Rahul G indeed voted for the BJP. He confirmed that Rahul G didn’t remember the congress party symbol and hence was  not able to figure out the symbol  on the electronic voting  machine and finally opted to go for the tried and tested Indian formula of selection “Akkad bakkad bambe bo ” and selected  the lotus symbol and casted his vote.

Reports also suggest that before casting the vote he called up Manmohan Uncle to ask about the party symbol but as always our Manmohan Ji was in mute mode and hence didn’t reply.

Other reports also suggest that Rahul mistook the EVM for a XBOX  and started  playing with the EVM and accidentally casted the vote. However our internal sources from the congress party told a different story altogether and told that Rahul G was angry from Sheila Ji because in their last meeting she didn’t buy chocolates and balloons for him.

Staunch Rahul supporters like Digvijay Singh Ji have come out in his defense and have praised Rahul G’s bigheartedness.  Even the BJP for the first time in history have praised Rahul , the whole nation thanked Rahul for making a wise decision. HashTags like #ThankYouRahul  #WellDoneRahul are currently trending on twitter. Rahul’s chamchas are demanding Bharat Ratna in lieu of his kindness.